Jul. 10th, 2013

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Life has taken some interesting turns in recent weeks.

The big thing that is happening is that I have finally made the decision to walk away from my job, after a couple of years of feeling underappreciated and just a bit too much like a cog in the corporate machine. I'm incredibly lucky, I might add, to be in a position where I can do this. Where the next six months will take me, I don't know - but the fact that I've been feeling nothing less than buoyant since Tuesday last week is enough to convince me that I've made the right decision.

So where do I go from here? Will this be the shake-up that my life has needed for what feels like a very long time? I hope so. There's one thing that's undeniable - self-discovery doesn't end with youth. I realised today that for most of my life, I have lived with the belief that if I really, really want something, I'll never have it - either because I don't have the ability to obtain it, or because it's too frivolous and not worth the wanting. Well, I'm in process of convincing myself that this belief is erroneous - and I have just about enough evidence to seal the deal. Even something as deceptively simple as asking for what I want has recently yielded tangible results, so I intend to continue on this path.

Watch this space...


dormant_dragon: Sleepy Stan from 'All Yesterdays' (Default)

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