Sep. 1st, 2013

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Today, apparently, I am a creature of the early morning. I've actually been awake for a couple of hours now, though most of that time was spent attempting to fall asleep again - clearly without success. So I thought I might as well take advantage of time I hadn't planned on using otherwise. Who knows? I may even manage two posts today.

There is something curiously appealing about waking up early on the weekend; but it's a feat I've seldom accomplished. Whilst I still had my office job, I tried very hard to morph into a morning person, but what normally happened was that I'd drag myself out of bed on the cold and dark weekday mornings, shower, dress, wolf down a caffeinated beverage and stumble out the door, usually picking up breakfast on the way because I didn't have time to make anything at home; then come the weekend, I'd crash out and be lucky if I surfaced before midday.

Of course, now that I don't have to be up early, I'm finding that it's much easier to get out of bed in the mornings. At the moment I don't know exactly what I'll be doing on any given day, and waking up early maximises the number of hours I have to explore possibilities. It used to be the case, particularly during my uni days, that my most productive time was at night and into the wee hours - most of my essays were churned out in caffeine-fuelled all-nighters. These days, the culture of the workaday world has infected me sufficiently that I feel more inclined to do things during the day - and especially if I get off to an early start.

So I'm finding, as I sit here on the couch with a small grey cat alternately demanding attention and exploring the collection of my stuff on the floor next to me, that although I do know broadly what I'll be doing today - driving to Bathurst, shopping, cooking dinner - the day still seems alive with possibility.

And I haven't even had my first coffee yet...


dormant_dragon: Sleepy Stan from 'All Yesterdays' (Default)

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