Sep. 2nd, 2013

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Some days, finding words to write is like trying to get blood out of a stone.

Like today, for example. The sum total of my activity thus far has been to haul myself out of bed, make breakfast (though admittedly, that was fairly exciting), shower, dress, check my email, hover around Facebook, watch TV and go for a walk around the local area. So I really haven't generated much to write about - certainly nothing that would allow me to create a thematically unified post.

Nor am I feeling sufficiently philosophical to simply pick up an idea and run with it. I tried - I've been reading Sam Harris's website, specifically his refutation of negative reviews of his book The Moral Landscape. I really like the idea that morality can be subject to scientific investigation - I always suspected that the naturalistic fallacy was bullshit; in what way can you derive an 'ought' except from an 'is'? - but I don't at present have enough to say about it to fuel an entire post. Watch this space, though, for when I finally get around to reading and reviewing Harris's book - which I will, just not today.

In a way, my life kind of feels like it's on hold right now. Previously, the time I spent visiting my parents provided me with some much-needed downtime from work and my usual routine. Now, though, I really am taking time out from all the things I could be doing at home, from taking my life in the direction I want it to be going. So I'm trying to stay at least partially connected to the things I want to be doing, like writing - otherwise I really wouldn't have bothered churning out this post today, I suspect.


dormant_dragon: Sleepy Stan from 'All Yesterdays' (Default)

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