Sep. 10th, 2013

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Today has been one of those days where I've now just thrown up my hands and said to myself, "Tomorrow will be better."

I did, in fact, have another post in mind for today, one suggested in response to my request for ideas on Facebook. However, it's a topic that requires and deserves more time and energy than I have to devote to it today, so it will become tomorrow's post. That's one way tomorrow will be better.

I have also been meaning to get myself out into the garden this week but so far I have been allowing the weather to put me off. It's been doing that peculiarly annoying Melbourne thing of raining intermittently between bursts of inviting sunshine, which seems to have been affecting my mood and also the degree to which I feel overwhelmed by the prospect of mowing the overgrown front lawn. I am, however, going out tomorrow in quest of company and gardening inspiration. That's another way tomorrow will be better.

Today has been punctuated by sleep, largely because I haven't had much of that over the past few nights. This morning, after driving to the city and back, rather than actually making breakfast, I raided the freezer for hash browns. Then, instead of making the most of the rest of the morning, I gave in to the lethargy and had a long nap. With any luck, I'll get a decent sleep tonight - if I can switch my brain off, that is. Then I'll get up and actually make breakfast before I set off towards Ballarat for the day. That's another way tomorrow will be better.

Then, of course, there has been the problem of headspace. My rational faculties have an alarming habit of surrendering territory to fears and doubts and paranoia; the optimist in me is in constant warfare with the cynic; and every so often I just have to give myself a mental slap in the face and say, "Oi! Get the fuck over it!" Maybe tomorrow it will be different. Maybe I'll wake up feeling positive; maybe I'll be able to stop second-guessing myself and assuming the worst about everything that's going on in my life; maybe I'll be able to enjoy the simple pleasures of the day just for themselves.

If that happens, then tomorrow really will be better.


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