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Much as I have been entertaining hopes of - and I think it will be agreed, making at least some efforts towards - becoming a more prolific blogger, today has been one of those days where inspiration simply hasn't been forthcoming. So what's a writer to do when she finds herself in an emotional, intellectual and practical slump?

What else but write about it?

I have just been up making a cup of instant coffee (yes, I am very far from being a coffee snob) in the hopes that physical activity of some sort might assist with the flow of ideas. It has perhaps afforded me modest success. Earlier in the day I had the same theory about going shopping and my clumsy efforts (thanks to my munted left thumb) to sow some dill seeds in small pots. It didn't really work for me then - instead I fell asleep on the couch, after reading for a bit. It all just seems too hard today.

There were a few things I had hoped might happen in this past week that didn't happen, so that has perhaps contributed something to my present feeling of dullness. Then there are all the necessary yet prohibitively boring tasks - like doing the dishes, doing my taxes, mowing the lawn again - that I know I'm going to have to do at some stage but which are currently staring me down into a giant puddle of reluctance. Moreover, there are a couple of larger situations in my life which lately haven't been going the way I would like; one day I might get around to writing about those in detail, but that day is not today.

Ordinarily I would simply write today off and think, "Tomorrow will be better," which will work right up until that moment tomorrow when I notice I am feeling equally disenchanted and unmotivated. Except, of course, if I don't end up feeling that way. Still, I think the best I can muster at this point is to say, "Well, tomorrow might be better..."
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Haven't done one of these Writer's Block things before, but this one caught my interest (me being more than just a bit of a word nerd...) Two of my favourite words are 'flummoxed' and 'gobsmacked', not just because they sound cool, but because they effectively convey that unique sense of bewilderment and surprise that I often feel in my daily interactions with other people.

Many's the time I have longed to quote Blackadder at someone - "I am anaspeptic, phrasmotic, even compunctuous to have caused you such pericombobulations."


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