Apr. 13th, 2013

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An Ode to Intoxication

There was a time when the world seemed new,
A shiny place to be
And you
Were hiding where I couldn't see;
But lurking, waiting, weaving through
The twisting patterns of imagination,
Where's no longer purity's abode
And so I make my ode
To sweet Intoxication.

My youthful times, their memory lingers still,
But not with joyous hue
Nor thrill
For in those days I'd no recourse to you,
My adolescent angst to kill,
Ease the sting of the mind's self-flagellation;
So now those tortured musings to forget
I turn without regret
To sweet Intoxication.

While through my life, the people came and went,
Full many a splendid night
Was spent
In lofty discourse, taking flight
Upon the wings you generously lent;
To Wit and Wine we offered our libation,
Mundanity to overthrow -
Slain by a single blow
From sweet Intoxication.

And still when troubles settle where I live,
Put down deep and tangled roots
And give
A melancholy cast to my pursuits;
When all my failings I cannot forgive,
You bring me comfort and exoneration;
The pain I'll take in stride
And in happiness abide
With sweet Intoxication.

So when one day the end upon me lies,
Vitality has long since fled, though flesh
That final rest, my atoms to refresh;
When I have severed all my ties,
Dispensed with all the world's frustration;
On that day shall I be free
To rest in thee,
O sweet Intoxication.


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