Aug. 30th, 2013

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Well, (almost) no sooner than I'd made it back from Perth, I've set off again, this time driving north to spend time with my parents in Bathurst, with a stop over in Canberra either side (not really on the way as such, but only about an hour out of it, and another opportunity to catch up with old friends). I've remarked in the past that my car contains my life in street directories - in descending order of thickness, Melbourne, Canberra and Ballarat. I don't need a street directory for Bathurst - it's my home town and I know where everything is there.

So why, after extolling the pleasures of being home, am I leaving so soon after getting back? Well, part of the reason is that I'd been planning to do this trip for a little while, and it was delayed by the Perth trip. Another thing is that I think it will be kind of nice to rock up on my parents' doorstep on Father's Day, so that also helped dictate the timing. And to be honest, I think it's fair to say that home has become kind of a nebulous concept for me. No matter where I go, I'm leaving people behind somewhere.

I also have to admit that I have come to really enjoy taking road trips. It makes sense, of course - they were a big part of my childhood and I always really looked forward to our annual drive from Bathurst to Brisbane to visit my aunt and grandmother. The drive was always part of the holiday, and it still is for me. I love climbing into the car, turning my music up and hitting the road. It's in my blood, I guess.


dormant_dragon: Sleepy Stan from 'All Yesterdays' (Default)

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